“Over the past 20 or so years during the course of my professional and personal life, I’ve met so many people who are incredibly talented but get in the way of themselves through no particular fault of their own. People stuck in jobs they don’t like; in relationships they don’t want; being controlled by people they don’t need. People with problems in their life, in my experience, usually have one thing in common – the stories they tell themselves and the negative emotions that spiral around in their heads that they don’t know how to get rid of or move away from.

It doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve written this book to help people live a life that enables them to be more mentally resilient and get armed with the tools and resources that will help them manage through life’s ups and down. Start living your life YOUR way!”

Paula’s first book Your Life, Your Way: A practical guide to getting your s**t together” was published in March 2017.



“I should start by saying that I have never been able to read an entire "self help" book before, yet I am devouring the pages of this at a very rapid rate. It is very well written, with lots of tips if, like me, you are failing to live in the here and now, and are struggling with bereavement, confidence, stress and anxiety issues. It will make you smile and is the sort of book that you can dip into if you are looking for guidance during a particularly difficult time, with chapters dedicated to specific areas of life that we will all struggle with at some point. Thank you so much to Paula Meir for putting pen to paper and sharing your thoughts, which quite obviously, come from the heart and without preaching! Buy it for yourself, for a friend, for a family member... we all need a little clarification in our minds from time to time.”

Annabel Baldwin - Amazon 5* review

“I have a tendency to mull over things that happened in the past, but having read this book I now understand how to move on, and stop regretting past events or mistakes, or imagine that everything negative that happened was in some way my fault. I can now stop these thoughts from shaping my future and damaging my self esteem. It has actually been a revelation to me, and I have just bought a hard copy as I think that it may also be of benefit to one or both of my teenage sons at some point in the future. I love the way it's written, brilliant book, thank you Paula Meir.”

Mrs E J Hayes

“This is just what I needed to read...honest, reflective and insightful it touched me on so many levels I would recommend it to anyone who feels it really is time to get thier sh**t together!!! Love it xx many many thanks”

Elaine Marshall

“Makes total sense and is easy to read - I really didn't want it to end as during the process of reading it I felt far more positive about my s**t - useful tools too which I shared with my niece to help her with panic attacks - defo worked ! Brilliant book and well structured with tips”

Miss S Hunter

“I picked up this book thinking that it would be an interesting reference book but went on to read it from cover to cover without putting it down! What I really connected with is the way the author uses practical examples from her own life to show that all challenges can be overcome when you allow yourself to think clearly. I know I will go back to this book time and time again and have already recommended it to several colleagues and friends.”

Mark Sanderson

Your Life, Your Way

Your Life, Your Way

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