Building Mental Resilience in the Workplace

  • Building Mental Resilience in the Workplace

    This two-part course has been designed to change the way you think, manage yourself and others, and build mental resilience in our “always on” connected world. It will give you the understanding and strategies to be able to navigate not only stressful events and environments, but day to day ups and downs, because empowered and mentally resourceful people do better at work, and at home.

    Part 1 (4 hours)

    1. Understanding yourself and managing your own internal experience, creating, maintaining resilience and stamina
    1. Identifying, managing and removing stress, anxiety and overwhelm

    Part 2 (4 hours)

    1. Effectively managing your workplace including healthy interactions/relationships with your boss, your team and peers
    1. Successful communication strategies

    There are two half day sessions (4 hours each) with a period of 4 weeks in between. The break in between enables you to practice strategies, observe and notice how you are thinking and acting differently in your operating environment enabling you to come to the second session with thoughts, questions and/or insights.

    Course Dates for 2018:

    London May 15th part 1 – June 19th Part 2