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What do I do?

I work with people who have a desire for lasting change in their lives. If you are interested in feeling happier, healthier, and/or want to discover a greater sense of purpose in your life, welcome!

why “The Real Life Coach”?

My advice is direct, pragmatic, and practical. My focus is on achieving happiness by enabling practical and lasting change. My work is “real” in every sense of the word!

Customers Reviews

  • “I thoroughly recommend Paula and her amazing coaching techniques wholeheartedly.”


  • “Paula is amazing. She has helped me with my anxiety and confidence no end…I’m now thinking about my true potential”


  • “Paula’s approach is fantastic! I cannot recommend her enough.”


  • “She makes you feel at ease and understood and is highly effective. I wholeheartedly recommend her”


  • “For the first time, I’m feeling excited about what’s around the next corner. Thank you Paula”


  • “Paula is an amazing source of support and guidance”.


  • “Paula has opened my eyes and mind and changed my life for the better”


Coaching Programmes

Get ready to make a change!

Discover how my coaching programmes can support you in living Your Life, Your Way.



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