Paula Meir Norwich based Hypnotherapist

“My passion is to help people to be the best they can possibly be. Far too many people live a half-life, a life often dictated by others, a life controlled by the actions of others in the present or the past. By helping people think differently using some relatively simple techniques I put people back in control of their lives both at home and at work.”

Paula's Story

Paula Meir is a Norwich and London based Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach. Following 25 years working alongside teams and executives across multiple regions and cultures, Paula gained a deep understanding of human behaviour, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Paula is qualified as a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a qualified executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Havening Techniques® practitioner, and accredited in a number of personality profiling systems. However, Paula firmly believes education is not finite and is constantly learning and developing new techniques that help her clients get fast results.

Paula is in high demand as a hypnotherapist, executive coach, life coach, and business consultant. By using a variety of techniques Pauls helps her clients with numerous issues they face including how reduce stress and anxiety, remove phobias and how to break bad habits (e.g. stop smoking through hypnotherapy). Her  approach is honest, pragmatic, curious, and fun.


“The process is quick, and it’s fun and yes, it really does work and I would thoroughly recommend Paula and her amazing Havening Technique wholeheartedly.”


Exams can be stressful and even though they talked to us at school about revising and relaxing, I felt everything was getting on top of me. Paula talked to me about different techniques I could use to manage my stress. I found the Havening technique really helpful. I was able to use it to relax myself whilst revising and to centre myself before starting an exam.”


“I was having trouble with anxiety linked to past traumatic experiences. Paula’s Havening sessions really helped me by breaking my learnt anxious response to stressful situations enabling me to just get on with things.”


What Can Paula Do for You?

Paula Meir is an experienced Hypnotherapist in Norwich and London helping her clients reprogram the mind in order to deal with many issues they face including: