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The 1 Question To Ask Yourself During Lockdown

Apr 22, 2020
The 1 Question To Ask Yourself During Lockdown

Life may never be the same again” is a phrase I hear time and time and time again. As the lockdown extends and it becomes apparent our new ‘normal’ is extending for weeks (if not months), people are starting to question what happens when all this ends. None of us know what life is going to look like, or when we will truly get that sense of normality back.

In today’s post I want to explore this in more detail. Because, while there is so much we cannot control about the coronavirus pandemic, there is a question you should be asking yourself.

Mental Health Post Covid-19

A member of my Facebook community expressed this very well: “I think people are going to need a lot of (therapeutic) help when all this is over”. She is probably right. People are going to need help when all this is over. But, I think there is something everyone can do RIGHT NOW to start helping themselves. 

At the moment people are asking a lot of questions. I’m certainly getting lots from clients and members of my community. Everything from “How can I become less anxious?” to “How do I deal with Coronavirus?”, but there is one question which could shift the way you view the next twelve months in this period of uncertainty.

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The 1 Question I want You To Ask Yourself

Without further ado, here it is: Twelve months from now, when you look back, what will you wish you had done during this time?

I’m hearing stories of people learning new skills, discovering the joy of re-connecting with children and learning how simplicity can be a positive virtue. As nature breathes, so do we. A metaphorical (arguably literal) pause in our daily ritual enforces an almost inevitable shift in thinking. 

The narrative by which a significant portion of the population lives their life has been unceremoniously upended. This alone causes background anxiety and low-level stress. So, by taking control of our personal story, we provide a platform for change where we can swop anxiety for hope and fear for excitement.

Rather than face this period feeling restricted, why not shift thinking and view this as liberation with all the opportunities new freedoms bring. With a fresh slate, a different view of life, how can you make positive changes to your status quo? 

I can’t give you all the answers (that’s not what a good coach does). Everything you need is already inside you. My job is to get your brain whirring and then guide you down a path where new thinking becomes a tangible reality.

On a practical level, you can check out this post for some ideas which will get the cognitive wheels turning.

Stay safe.

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