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What Is A Life Coach? Paula Meir Explains All

Aug 03, 2020
What Is A Life Coach? Paula Meir Explains All

Life is not always straightforward. You may be feeling stuck, lacking purpose, or merely be wondering where your life is heading. Those around us don’t always have the answers, mainly because they know us for who we are: mother; a father; a sister;  a brother; cook; bottle washer; the breadwinner. The list of labels can be endless. Life marches on, the world evolves, and we can become dissatisfied without even realising it. If we don’t take notice of these feelings and uncover a few answers, unhappiness can take root pretty quickly. One way to get yourself onto the right track is to hire a life coach. 

You may have stumbled across this article because you are wondering, “What is a life coach?” – if so you are in the right place! As ‘The Real Life Coach’, I help my clients reach their goals and potential in many aspects of their lives. If you are new to life coaching, you are bound to have some questions. In this article, I will be breaking life coaching down for you, covering everything you need to know. So, in no particular order:

Life Coaching: An Overview

The official definition of a life coach is a “person employed to help people attain their goals in life.” But what does that mean in Layman’s terms? As a life coach, I see it as breaking down the stumbling blocks preventing someone from reaching their potential. Let’s take a common question:  How can I become more confident? Such a simple question, but definitely without a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. Confidence lays at the root of success and happiness for many people. A good life coach will work with you and uncover all the underlying issues holding you back. There is no magic confidence bullet, but over time a good coach will work with you to shift your thinking. Helping you to understand why you think the way you do will eventually lead you to a better place. And then, one day you will wake up and discover you are feeling differently about yourself! 

What Happens During A Life Coach Session? 

Real Life Coaching involves digging into what gets in your way. All your fears, self-limiting beliefs, and old habits are holding you back. As human beings, we are an imperfect construct of creeds, thoughts, experiences and life stories. Few of us have had perfect family lives or upbringings. I know this from personal experience! But whatever your history, good, bad, or indifferent, I will be supporting you in defining your future.

How To Pick A Life Coach

Feeling comfortable with your coach is an essential ingredient for developing a pathway to success. Questions to ask include:

• Are they experienced and are they qualified by the relevant bodies or associations?

• Will they hold you accountable and will they motivate you to do your best self-development work?

• Do you like them? Do they make you feel comfortable, hopeful, positive and excited about the future?

• Are they able to give you practical methods and techniques of change rather than just having a chat?

Be wary of coaches who tell you they “fix people” or that you only need one session.

How Many Life Coaching Sessions Do I Need?

How long is a piece of string?! In all seriousness, every single person is different. We all have our own unique challenges, goals and aspirations. In my life coach sessions, I start with an initial consultation over Zoom or Skype. From there we can create a plan going forward that we are both agreed on. 

Whether you have a session with me or any other life coach, you should be given an idea of how many sessions are required. As I’ve hinted above, avoid any life coaches looking to give you a “quick fix”, as there’s simply no such thing. It takes time to properly work through sticking points and create a new direction. I personally advise my clients to attend at least three sessions. 

Can I Have Long Term Life Coach Sessions?


Similar to working out with a trainer at the gym, sometimes clients want to build a lasting relationship, especially if they have specific life or career goals. In such cases, psychometric profiling is a useful tool. It’s a system I have been using for well over a decade and provides deep and unique insight into what makes you tick, how you communicate and where your blind spots are. My favoured profiling system is Insights Discovery. It’s a very powerful psychometric profiling tool in which I have been accredited for many years, and am one of only a handful of coaches licensed to use it in the UK.

Most of my long term clients who have been profiled are amazed at how well they are understood and described! It also gives helpful advice and tips on how you might adjust things to improve your connection and communication with others, including personal and work relationships. Psychometric profiling provides you with a much deeper understanding of who you are, building the foundation for a highly targeted coaching programme. Not everyone requires long term sessions, so it depends on the individual and what they are likely to benefit most from. 

How To Book A Life Coach Session 

Life coaching is becoming increasingly popular both here in the UK and internationally. The great thing about technology is that there’s no need to visit a life coach in person anymore, as myself and coaches around the world are now turning to virtual sessions instead (though I do still have a base in Norwich and London). The benefit of a virtual life coach session is you can do it from anywhere – even on your lunch hour! This makes accessing life coaching easier than ever before. 

Every life coach is different in terms of bookings. However, I offer a free 30 minute consultation on my website. If you are browsing life coaches, I would always make sure they have professional accreditation. These days, it’s very easy for anyone to call themselves a ‘life coach’ which means the quality and integrity of your session cannot be guaranteed. That’s why it pays to stick to trusted professionals who can really help you get to where you need to be.

About My Life Coaching

My life coaching style is compassionate but also honest and direct. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but I promise I will hold your hand through those times when it feels uncomfortable and hard. The critical reason is that those are the times when you are likely to have the biggest revelations or ‘aha’ moments.

Those moments when you breakthrough and understand your inner workings, and why your brain has worked like that. It’s then up to you to decide how you live your life in a way that makes you happy.

Find Out More

I hope the above advice has been useful if you are looking at hiring a life coach. If you need more information on anything I have mentioned, or if you are interested in booking a session, please get in touch. My virtual life coach sessions are available to those living in the UK and internationally.

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