Executive Coaching

How Paula Help You?

For over two decades, Paula has been helping business leaders reach their true potential. Authenticity, honesty, and pragmatism provide the foundation of her coaching, focussing firmly on the individual. Paula believes everyone is talented and her coaching enables executives to get where they want to be (even if they aren’t sure quite where that is yet!). The Academy of Executive Coaching accredits Paula, and she works across multiple sectors and international regions. Paula’s global corporate background, combined with her clinical and therapeutic experience, gives her a deep understanding of human behaviour and an innate understanding of business need. Paula is an expert in the Insights Discovery and Hogan Assessment  profiling systems, frequently using these psychometric tools to facilitate self-awareness and understanding.

Paula’s coaching is holistic, direct and purposeful. By encouraging her executive clients to embrace change and shift their thinking, she achieves great results!

Psychometric profiling for development and executive recruitment

Paula has over 25 years of experience of using a number of psychometric profiling tools for executive recruitment, executive development, and for teams and offsite leadership meetings. Paula is certified in Insights Discovery, Hogan Assessments and the 360 Booth Survey system, and sample reports are available should you wish to learn more.

Executive coaching programme

Paula’s Coaching Programmes are bespoke and last for a minimum of six sessions over a period of 2-3 months. Many clients move to a regular coaching pattern once the initial programme has been completed for further development and learning.

Business meeting facilitation

Paula is highly experienced at facilitating business meetings to ensure outcomes and goals are met by your business, even with the most challenging of participants! Her approach is inclusive, creative, and allows for rigorous thinking and contribution. Paula also runs a number of bespoke Executive Leadership workshops to align with your business development needs.

Paula has advised, coached, and mentored executives for some of the world's biggest businesses. References are available upon request.

Paula's Client Portfolio


“… thank you wholeheartedly for arranging this training and for the opportunity to meet Paula. She’s a formidable lady and learned a hell of a lot in just the short time we were together.”

Leadership Trainee 

“Paula’s ability to listen, ask the right questions and take into consideration many of the intangibles we face working across emerging markets allow her to balance the needs of the company and our people. Paula is great to work with and has helped us achieve some great results.”

Corporate Consulting Client

What next?

Getting the right coach for you is vitally important to ensure that you get the results that you want. Paula always has a chemistry check meeting or telephone call to allow for both parties to ask questions and feel comfortable. Other questions that you may have regarding coaching fees, structure and other logistical concerns can all be answered at that time. To help you find the right coach here are some questions that you may find helpful:-

  • Does the coach have a good mix of applying business experience with their coaching practice?
  • What kind of approach do they take? Will they hold you accountable and will they motivate you to do your best self-development work?
  • Do you like them? If you have to spend a certain amount of time with them do they make you feel comfortable, hopeful and positive about the future?

Get in touch to discover more.

Where can I go for my appointment? 

  • Skype or Zoom sessions online are available by appointment. If you haven’t used online platforms for coaching before they can be very successful. Paula has a number of global clients who use this facility.
  • 50 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7PY (Next to Liverpool Street Station). Every Wednesday between 10.45am to 2.45pm (last appointment, other appointments outside of these times may be available). Initial consultations for London based clients will be done via telephone or Skype.
  • Creative Space, 3 St Benedict’s View, Grapes Hill, Norwich NR2 4HH. Clinic days are Mondays and Fridays (other appointments outside of these times may be available).