Take control of your life with this 5 week self development course. 

Introducing Five weeks To Freedom

A unique five week self development coaching course giving you the practical skills to help you live your life, your way, from one of the UK’s leading coaches.

Discover how to make better choices for YOU, without feeling guilty.

Unleash a new sense of purpose in your work and personal life, by making your daily grind a thing of the past,  

Learn invaluable coaching techniques to transform every aspect of your life, without having to pay thousands on expensive coaching seminars. 

“Five weeks to Freedom is all about helping you make the right decisions that will give you the life you want. You will learn precisely what’s getting in your way, and create a new reality for yourself. I will be giving you plenty of practical exercises to help and enable you to make the change you deserve. And what’s more ensure you have the resources to do that at any point in the future.

Life is too precious to just be ‘going through the motions’ or not feeling fulfilled, or even worse, living a mediocre life . Many people just TALK about doing something different, you are already ahead of these people, you have made the decision to start that journey, and I look forward to helping you along the way!”

Paula Meir

What should I expect

Week 1

Getting your life into perspective can be a huge challenge. The first week is all about understanding what you want FOR YOU. Complete Paula’s ‘Big Picture’ exercise and you will see your life as you have never done before!

Week 2

We all have dreams, well have our hopes, but what is it that gets in our way of achieving those goals? This week you will tackle your inner demons as Paula guides you through some unique exercises.

Week 3

This week is all about confidence, vulnerability, and recognising your own strength. Discover the secrets of beating low self-esteem, and start powering yourself towards your goals.

Week 4

Week Four gets you ready to make those important changes. You will tackle and overcome limiting beliefs, and learn invaluable techniques for banishing negative thoughts form your life forever!

Week 5

Now is the time to take action. Building on everything you have learned over the previous four weeks you can now start working on turning your hopes, dreams, and goals, into reality. Paula will be there to help guide you through with video and audio downloads. There are no more excuses!

What else?

Your not alone in your journey, there are so many other people who feel they are stuck. As part of the Five Weeks To Freedom course you will beinvited to join a unique Facebook Group, where Paula leads regualr disccussions, and gives additional support, where you can feel free to ask questions and share insights.

Whats Included

EXCLUSIVE membership access to ongoing coaching, support, and tips

UNLIMITED downloads of 14 Five Weeks To Freedom worksheets

7 FREE BONUS videos featuring coaching tips and guidance

FREE 20 minute motivational trance

FULL customer service support and guidance

EXCLUSIVE member discounts on Paula Meir products

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WAS £497



(that’s a HUGE 65% discount) 

Paula's Story

Hypnotherapist, Author, Leadership Coach and Trainer

For the first forty years of my life I allowed my story to define me. Being at risk of Huntington’s Disease (a terminal brain disease) informed pretty much every decision I took from a very early age. It wasn’t until the stress of my “big” corporate job started to take its toll on both my physical and mental wellbeing, that I decided to re-write my story.

I left my global HR job. I decided that whatever my fate, we all have a limited amount of time on this earth, and I should do what was best for me and what brings me joy.

So, I took my expertise and turned it into business focussed entirely on helping people reach their full potential. 

In 2016 at the age of 46 I wrote my first book “Your Life, Your Way: A Practical Guide To Getting Your S*** Together”. For a young girl who used to live in a flat above a lawnmower shop with an alcoholic terminally ill mother, and who left school with virtually no qualifications, this seemed like an impossible dream.

I understand the power of personal stories. Let me help you re-write yours.




“I recently completed the Five Weeks to Freedom with Paula and it has opened my eyes and mind and changed my life for the better. The programme really made me focus on what I want in my life and how I can achieve it. It is easy to follow and extremely thought provoking. As you progress through each week you feel focused, inspired and come to understand how you really can make your dreams and goals come true. I highly recommend this programme to anyone, whether you need a lot of guidance or just a nudge in the right direction to start focusing on your future.”

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I’m a fan of Paula’s book Your Life Your Way so was really excited to do Five Weeks to Freedom. Paula’s approach is really practical and the programme is really well designed. It’s very thought provoking and some weeks took  me longer to complete than others as I really had to look inside myself and answer some tough questions. Paula’s weekly videos are an amazing source of support and guidance. I really enjoyed the practical exercises too. I didn’t think I was any good at visualisation but it’s become a very powerful tool for me. You don’t have to be really struggling in life to get huge benefits from this course. It’s a positive way to approach a challenge or something you want to change about yourself. And just spending time getting to know yourself a bit better is extremely motivating!

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‘Having read Paula’s fabulous book, I was really excited to find out about her 5-week programme. I have been struggling with making some big ‘life’ decisions and was feeling totally overwhelmed. Paula’s programme was easy to download, the weekly workshops were very easy to understand and follow and the videos a great motivator. The programme enabled me to really focus on ‘me’ and how I was going to take my life forward, with each week of the programme taking a step forward to achieving my goal. I highly recommend Paula’s 5-week programme – it has changed my life.’


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