Five Weeks To Freedom

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Five Weeks To Freedom

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“I recently completed the Five Weeks to Freedom with Paula and it has opened my eyes and mind and changed my life for the better. The programme really made me focus on what I want in my life and how I can achieve it. It is easy to follow and extremely thought provoking. As you progress through each week you feel focused, inspired and come to understand how you really can make your dreams and goals come true. I highly recommend this programme to anyone, whether you need a lot of guidance or just a nudge in the right direction to start focusing on your future.”


I’m a fan of Paula’s book Your Life Your Way so was really excited to do Five Weeks to Freedom. Paula’s approach is really practical and the programme is really well designed. It’s very thought provoking and some weeks took  me longer to complete than others as I really had to look inside myself and answer some tough questions. Paula’s weekly videos are an amazing source of support and guidance. I really enjoyed the practical exercises too. I didn’t think I was any good at visualisation but it’s become a very powerful tool for me. You don’t have to be really struggling in life to get huge benefits from this course. It’s a positive way to approach a challenge or something you want to change about yourself. And just spending time getting to know yourself a bit better is extremely motivating!



‘Having read Paula’s fabulous book, I was really excited to find out about her 5-week programme. I have been struggling with making some big ‘life’ decisions and was feeling totally overwhelmed. Paula’s programme was easy to download, the weekly workshops were very easy to understand and follow and the videos a great motivator. The programme enabled me to really focus on ‘me’ and how I was going to take my life forward, with each week of the programme taking a step forward to achieving my goal. I highly recommend Paula’s 5-week programme – it has changed my life.’