Personal Development

Personal Development

Do you want to make positive changes in your life? 

Paula can change the way you think, which changes the way you feel, and that changes what you do.Imagine a life where you have the resilience and the resources to manage and guide yourself through the ups and downs of life. Imagine yourself creating your own positive experiences that drive you to make good choices which result in a wonderful life story.  

“The techniques I use are fast and don’t require repetition of personal stories that might be challenging for the individual. As a guide, 3-4 sessions are usually enough to get you on with living ‘Your Life Your Way'” 


Paula is a certified executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, certified Havening Practitioner®, a Master Practitioner of NLP therapy, and has trained under some of the industry’s leading practitioners. She is also licensed in a number of psychometric profiling systems. Private practice sessions can take place in a series of face-to-face meetings in Norwich and London. When location and logistics are a challenge she can deliver sessions via Skype.  

Areas where Paula can help

  • Self-Development/Self Belief

  • Motivation

  • Relaxation

  • Public speaking

  • Confidence

  • Depression

  • Emotional baggage

  • Phobias

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • And many many more!!

How Much Does It Cost?

Sessions last approx 1 hour (however the 1st session is likely to be longer) and cost £85

Cancellation Policy:

You must give 48 hours notice of change to appointment time.

50% fee if less than 48 hours notice.

100% fee if cancelled less than 24 hours notice.

We understand that life can get in the way of our best laid plans so please call as soon as you are able if there is a problem.

What’s next?

Contact Paula below or call 01603 666054 to arrange an initial chat to assess your needs.


“The process is quick, and it’s fun and yes, it really does work and I would thoroughly recommend Paula and her amazing Havening Technique wholeheartedly.”


Exams can be stressful and even though they talked to us at school about revising and relaxing, I felt everything was getting on top of me. Paula talked to me about different techniques I could use to manage my stress. I found the Havening technique really helpful. I was able to use it to relax myself whilst revising and to centre myself before starting an exam.”


“I was having trouble with anxiety linked to past traumatic experiences. Paula’s Havening sessions really helped me by breaking my learnt anxious response to stressful situations enabling me to just get on with things.”