Common Phobias

How to get rid of your Phobias

Paula is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, she is also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Council. This allows her to blend techniques to help the client facilitate changes in their life and remove problems that they might be facing such as phobias. Her aim to assist them getting the life they want and get the client to think on purpose, so they can decide what they want, create great experiences and make the best choices for their lives.

Are fears and phobias holding you back in life? Here’s an important fact: we are only born with two fears, falling and loud noises. In evolutionary terms they are baked in as they are key to basic survival. All other common fears comes as a direct result of our life experiences. You are not born with ANY phobias, they are something we develop which means if we can learn how to ‘have’ a phobia we can ‘unlearn’ how to have one!

Hypnotherapy has been proven to successfully help manage a wide range of phobias such as phobias of driving, phobia of animals and many more.

Whether you have experienced a negative incident that has created your fear, or whether it has been learnt by you from parents or family, the good news is it can be EASILY sorted out. If you can learn to become afraid, you can learn to be ‘unafraid’, and with Paula’s help you can start to learn how to get rid of your phobias and live in a way that gives you freedom from things that scare you! 


“The process is quick, and it’s fun and yes, it really does work and I would thoroughly recommend Paula and her amazing Havening Technique wholeheartedly.”


Exams can be stressful and even though they talked to us at school about revising and relaxing, I felt everything was getting on top of me. Paula talked to me about different techniques I could use to manage my stress. I found the Havening technique really helpful. I was able to use it to relax myself whilst revising and to centre myself before starting an exam.”


“I was having trouble with anxiety linked to past traumatic experiences. Paula’s Havening sessions really helped me by breaking my learnt anxious response to stressful situations enabling me to just get on with things.”