Your Life, Your Way:

A Practical Guide to Getting Your S**t Together. A Self Help Book to Tackle Anxiety and Fulfil your True Potential

ISBN: 9780995575103

“A revelation. Buy it!” E J Hayes

“Full of life changing pages” Ruth Godfrey-Bennett

Ever felt your life would be so much better if you could just get your s**t together???

Even if we know where we’d like to be in life, and what we’d like to be doing, getting there can still be a challenge. Especially as we meet the challenge of a global pandemic. Often we lack the emotional tools or even the bravery to make the right decisions for us. So how do we find our way out of this malaise? This book explains why your brain gets so filled up with “stuff”, and provides clear strategies to de-clutter your thinking.

Paula Meir shares the necessary tools for change, and equips readers with the strength and mental resilience help you get your s**t together in order to live your life your way. This is not an academic book: its both pragmatic and practical.

Thousands of women have followed Paula’s advice since the book was first published in 2017. In 2020 as we live through the anxiety created by the global pandemic, this practical advice has become indispensable, and takes on an even greater significance.

Make a decision. Start living the life you deserve.


“Thank you so much to Paula Meir for putting pen to paper and sharing your thoughts which, quite obviously, come from the heart and without preaching! Buy it for yourself, for a friend, for a family member…..we all need a little clarification in our minds from time to time.”

Annabel Baldwin

“Rather than telling you what to do this book actually provides you with the tools you need to work that out for yourself. It has helped me understand that the challenges in my like are not unique to me and are not insurmountable.”

Rebecca Murphy