Week 2 Stopping the Gremlins

Welcome to Week 2 of your journey!

his week we are going to be looking at ‘what gets in your way’! There can be many things that stop us from pursuing our goals, dreams and desires; it’s completely normal. However, we are going to uncover what gets in the way for YOU. Whether that is the way you speak to yourself inside, or a limiting belief that you hold or have held for a number of years. Today is the day we get rid of those gremlins that stand in the way. You are going to learn how to manage your ‘inner voice’ or ‘critic’ that can so often hold you back or undermine your confidence. Be prepared to be honest with yourself, you are going to play the role of detective inside your own mind!

(Don’t forget to download “REMOVING THE GREMLINS AUDIO” which accompanies this week’s worksheets).