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“Your Life Your Way” is  a coaching course and community that helps mid-life women get CLEAR about who they are, AND what they want from life.

Access life-transforming tools, techniques, and ongoing coaching to create lasting change and  happiness.


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“Join a safe and supportive female only community where you receive all the coaching, training, and support to make transformative change in your life”.

  • Discover how to take control of who you are
  • Learn how to take positive action and experience life differently
  • Remove limiting beliefs that can hold you back
  • Uncover the confidence to make change in your life
  • Build your personal resilience
  • Beat stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion 
  • Strengthen your discipline and stick to new habits
  • Ongoing support to keep you on track

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Your Life, Your Way:

A course for life


You'll learn how to:
  • Take positive action enabling you to experience life differently
  • Remove limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Uncover the confidence to make change in your life
  • Build your personal resilience
  • Beat stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion 
  • Create a new story for your life
  • Strengthen your discipline and stick to your habits





“I’d say to anyone thinking of taking this course… do it! Especially if you are someone like me who has this stage in their life and carried all these limiting beliefs, that haven’t helped you at all, and you thought that’s just part of me. Well actually it’s not part of you. You can recognise those things that are holding you back by doing the course. Identify them, and just with a simple way of changing your mindset, start finding positive habits and ways of thinking that will get you to your goals.” 

Siobhan Hunter - Community Member


Five weeks of video coaching

All the activities, strategies, and techniques are fully explained in powerful coaching videos.

100+ Downloadable Resources

There are dozens of worksheets, videos, and audio downloads, fully supporting your journey of change

Membership: Private Facebook group

EXCLUSIVE: Join Paula's community where you'll meet other women facing similar challenges. 

Bi-weekly live coaching

Access Paula's bi-weekly Zoom coaching session. Meet like-minded women in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.

Real people. Real results.



Linda Graham

"I am so glad I found this course and had the opportunity to take part. This course has changed my mindset and I know i still have work to do, but I can see how I am slowly changing and things can only get even better. I am so grateful to you Paula for giving me this opportunity to follow this programme, and the benefit it is doing for me and others who complete the programme. It's good that I can go over some of the previous sessions again, as I have another goal I want to repeat the actions in week 4 and also keep returning to the material in the resource centre."

Sylvia Dawson

"Thank you for rearranging my furniture and helping me to identify what I want moving forwards and taking the steps towards that future. Paula you are a very warm, wonderful person. It has been a privilege to complete this course and I have every confidence that you will positively impact many lives through it.

Well done."

Nicola Gurr

"Thank you Paula for an excellent course. I will also be revisiting many areas of it as things change for me or if I need a reminder on a technique or another print out to complete. I have some work to do for myself here and this course has helped provide me with clarity that I've always strived to change things too far out of my reach instead of focusing on me in the first place. I have been finding some people in my life, who still have their old beliefs a challenge."

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This Five Week Course contains guided video instruction and worksheets to help you beat stress, master mental well-being, and optimise habits enabling you to experience life differently.

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Paula “The Real Life Coach” Meir has helped thousands of women experience their life differently. She is an accredited  coach, registered clinical hypnotherapist, licensed Havening Practitioner, and is licensed and accredited in three different psychometric profiling systems. Prior to building her coaching practice Paula spent over two decades as a global HR Executive advising and counselling senior business leaders.

Passionate about helping women to live their lives to the fullest, Paula’s expertise is now available to you in this gentle - but powerful, safe, secure, self-paced online course.

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